Familiarize yourself with the forms you need to submit before, during, and after filming your project

Academic Forms

ACM Academic Planning & Advising Form

This form is to help ACM majors and their faculty advisors keep track of their academic progress

ACM Golden Rod Form

ACM students and their faculty advisors should use this form to confirm completion of coursework before graduation

ACM 399/499 Application Form

ACM majors should complete and submit this form to apply for ACM 399 or ACM 499 course credit

ACM Combined Form

This form must be filled out and returned to Media Center EACH SEMESTER in order to use ACM equipment and music libraries


Project Checklist

A checklist of all the forms and items that must be submitted with all ACM projects (best to download this early on)

Safety Handbook

A compilation of important safety rules that must be adhered to by ACM students on all ACM productions

Activities Requiring Special Permission

This form outlines the type of activities requiring special permission from ACM

Permit Procedures

This form outlines what public lands require permits for shooting, and how to go about getting them

Location Release

Students must get this signed by the owner of each shooting location and have signed copy on set during shooting

Campus Exterior Location Release

Special location release used specifically for shooting on the UH Mānoa campus

Student Verification Form

This form verifies UH student status and must accompany State, City, and County permit requests


This form must be signed by ALL individuals participating in ACM productions

Talent Release Form

Students should have all individuals whose likeness or voice is used in their ACM project complete this form

Likeness Release Form

This form is much like the talent release form, but pertains strictly to using the likeness of individuals in photographs

Actor Information Form

This form should be submitted for each actor in an ACM project, along with a photo/headshot of the actor


Students with minors acting in their film that require studio teachers should fill out this form

Work for Hire Agreement Form

Students may use this form as a sample when paying people to work on their projects

Archival Media Use Form

This is a release and authorization to record personal pictures/videotapes/films for use in student projects

Copyright Agreement Form

A student works copyright agreement defining the student as copyright holder of their own ACM projects

SAG-AFTRA Producer’s Guide for Student Films

A simple 3-step guide to completing the necessary SAG-AFTRA paperwork


Shot List

A useful template for students to utilize when coming up with the order and descriptions of their shots

Production Signage

Students should print out enough copies of this sign to post clearly around any public areas in which they are shooting

Procedure for Use of UH Logo

Explains how ACM students can obtain approval to film UH logos/marks as part of their class project


Student Project Completion Form

Students must submit this form with their finished project, as well as the listed deliverables

Film Credits

These are the opening and ending film credits which must be included in ALL ACM projects to receive a grade

Music Library Agreement

This form must be submitted for all ACM projects using music from the Mountain Apple and/or Megatrax music libraries

Musician/Composer Release

This release should be signed by musicians who compose and/or perform music for ACM projects


Internship Form Package

This package includes internship guidelines, checklist, agreement, and supervisor evaluation

ACM 495: HMI Internship

Intern at Hawaii’s largest rental house and get hands on with an assortment of film gear

ACM 495: Hiki Nō PBS Internship

Intern with PBS Hawaii’s HIKI NŌ: The Nation’s First Statewide Student News Network

ACM 495: TalkStory Internship

Work at one of Hawaii’s top independent film and television production companies

ACM 495: ‘Ōlelo Internship

Gain a working knowledge of how community media centers operate