Iolani Palace Shoot Seeking Extras

A local historical film being shot about the Hawaiian monarchy and involving a number of ACM alumni and students will be shooting a major scene at Iolani Palace on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 7am to 12pm. ACM students are strongly encouraged to go serve as extras. This is a great way to get exposure to a major film set without needing any professional experience!

‘Aunty Emma’ Cast + Crew Call

'Aunty Emma' Cast + Crew Call Production Title: Aunty Emma Director: Casey Lapidus ACM Course: 399 (Capstone) Production Start Date: March 10, 2018 Production Wrap Date: March 31, 2018 *4 principal shoot dates, 2 reshoots/pickups if necessary Synopsis: Aunty Emma is...

ACM Alumni Film – Call for Extras

ACM Alumni Film - Call for Extras Production Title: Mauka to Makai Director: Alika Pfaltzgraff & Jonah Okano ACM Course: Alumni Film Shoot Date Needing Extras: January 17, 2018 - 3pm-10pm Synopsis: Akuma has greater aspirations than selling drugs on the street, but he...

‘Locked Away’ Casting Call

A college student, who’s a stalker with a split personality, reveals his feelings to his love interest but is absolutely crushed to discover she likes his best friend. This causes him to go on a psychotic rampage leading him to kill his best friend then kidnap and lock away his love interest leaving her for death.

‘Good Material’ Cast/Crew Call

This is the story of Leigh, an aspiring comedian, who is constantly trying to change others to cover up her denial of her true self. When Leigh catches a cheater in the act at a local park, she is faced with infinite possibilities of how one would react. The run in leads Leigh to reevaluate her friendships and ultimately, overcome her fears and accept her true self. Showing that letting go leads to true acceptance.

‘Photo Diary’ Cast/Crew Call

Photo Diary is a dramatic and comedic film that follows the story of Janna, an ambitious college student who lives a double life and struggles to pursue her creative dreams, connect with her culture and gain approval from her strict and overbearing mother, Loysa.

‘In Memory Of’ Cast/Crew Call

‘In Memory Of’ is a story that revolves around two sisters, LUCIA and HAZEL, who struggle to redefine themselves and their roles after the death of their mother. A heartwarming and touching short film.

‘A Sunday Morning’ Casting Call

This is a sweet short story about a father and a son. The father wants to educate his son beyond the academic institution by teaching him tools that hopefully will last a lifetime. The son questions the father’s ways and shows resistance throughout, however at the end he acknowledges what it has been given to him, drops the resistance and thanks his father.

Crew Call for ACM Alumna Film

ACM alumna Erin Lau will be shooting her Sundance Institute workshopped script for her Chapman MFA Graduate Thesis Film here on Oahu in October. The film is currently looking for crew to help out with the production, and ACM students are highly encouraged to participate in this production by one of ACM’s most highly awarded alumni.

Crew Call for Paid Gig

Queen Liliuokalani, the last reigning queen of Hawaii left her crown lands to the children of Hawaii that were orphan, half-orphan, or destitute. The Trust is responsible for utilizing her assets to provide social services for her beneficiaries. Liliuokalani Trust is sponsoring an Alvin Ailey 2 week dance camp for our middle school aged beneficiaries. They have a final ho’ike at Hawaii Theatre on Mar. 31, where they need two camera operators with their own cameras. They also need an editor to assist in the completion of a short documentary film of the camp.

‘Hele Kalei’ Crew Call

The ‘Hele Kalei’ 399 production team is looking for crew for their upcoming shoot, which will take place during Spring Break (March 27 – April 2). They want dedicated students with a positive attitude, and no experience is necessary!

Voice Actor Needed

Looking for a female voice actor to voice main character of Anna for a student animation film that tells the tale of a girl who ends up wandering around, lost in the woods. When a sprout creature decides to help Anna, she arrives to an unexpected being that will help her find the way home.

‘Hele Kalei’ Casting Call

‘Hele Kalei’ is a quirky coming-of-age film that follows Kalei, a self-conscious woman who struggles to hide a secret passion for taiko drumming from her oppressive mother. When the opportunity to perform in Tokyo arises, Kalei must choose between continuing to lie to those around her and dancing to the beat of her own drum.