Animation Project Seeks Students

Jun 15, 2018 | Front Page, Opportunities

Teen Wise Animation Project

Application Deadline: June 30, 2018

Author of Teen Wise is gearing up to create a new venue to showcase the examples depicted in the book.  An animated version of twelve example scenarios for the middle (sixth, seventh, and eighth graders) school population. Job is open for ten to twelve students/alumni and each person will be creating one or two examples each.

Job: Compensation TBD

Job Details:

1.) Create original characters that simulate the story in that specific example.

2.) Create the dialog for the script that explains the situation from the example written.

3.) Create the follow up frames for three different answer choice option.

4.) Two to five minutes for each example.


1.) Junior, Senior, or Alumni

2.) Access to appropriate animation software to create piece

3.) Agree to GROUP Interview in July

Interested?  Please submit:

1.) ONE sample of a character from your own creation or class assignment

2.) Your current class standing

3.) Provide a proposal for compensation for one example based on the job details above.  Estimate the best you can, please?

Phone: Celeste Gonsalves 808-688-4545