ACM Alumni Film – Call for Extras

Jan 14, 2018 | Cast/Crew Calls

ACM Alumni Film – Call for Extras

Production Title:
Mauka to Makai
Director: Alika Pfaltzgraff & Jonah Okano
ACM Course: Alumni Film

Shoot Date Needing Extras: January 17, 2018 – 3pm-10pm

Synopsis: Akuma has greater aspirations than selling drugs on the street, but he does what he must to get by. Mauka to Makai deals with themes of the island paradise, and about the darkness that resides below its surface. Through the course of a single day, two friends navigate the veiled underbelly of Windward O’ahu, dealing drugs in exchange for the hope of some semblance of a better life.

Extras Needed: 
Male and Female – Ages 21-35

Paid / Non-Paid:
Additional Compensation: Meals, film credit

Producer: Kelsie Greene
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 808-954-9610