‘Purple Orchid Lei’ Casting Call

Oct 20, 2017 | Cast/Crew Calls, Front Page

Casting Call

Production Title: Purple Orchid Lei
Director: Makena Duffy
ACM Course: 310

Production Dates: Nov. 18-19

Synopsis: The agnostic teenage daughter of a U.S. Army chaplain learns to accept change when her refusal to cooperate with her family’s  latest relocation from Oahu to North Carolina causes her to alienate her loved ones.

Character Breakdowns:

BETHANY, 17, CAUCASIAN: A junior in high school who longs for stability andwho is struggling both with her beliefs and with her resentment at her father.

MELISSA, 40, CAUCASIAN: Bethany’s mom. Loving, but quickly losing her ability to empathize with her daughter’s angst.

JACOB, 43, CAUCASIAN: A preacher and military man. Firm in his beliefs and trying his best to relate to his daughter.

ANALYN, 17, ANY ETHNICITY: Bethany’s best friend and a local girl who lives near the military base and, as a result, is used to seeing friends come and go from the island.

Auditions by appointment. Email a copy of headshot and resumé to Makena Duffy.

Contact Email: makenajd@hawaii.edu
Contact Phone: (
808) 384-2762

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-paid
Additional Compensation: Meals, film credit, copy of the film