ACM Audio Workshops – Fall 2017

Sep 26, 2017 | Opportunities

ACM Audio Workshops – Free of Charge!

Friday, September 22 – 9am-12pm
Monday, October 2 – 9am-12pm
Wednesday, October 11 – 9am-12pm

Are you an ACM student who has always wanted to know more about getting good audio for your productions? Does audio confound you or scare the living bejeezus out of you? Ever wonder why we use wireless lavs if we have boom poles, or vice versa? Or ever wonder HOW to even use a wireless lav? And wouldn’t it be great to discover all the different kinds of audio equipment ACM offers, and which equipment is most appropriate for your upcoming projects?

Now’s your chance to overcome your audio fears and learn everything from the basic principles of production audio to the ins and outs of ACM’s audio equipment. Media Center Director Jay Hubert will be holding three Audio Workshops this semester, and most likely will add an extra Advanced Audio Workshop (date and time TBD) that will build on the concepts learned in the first Audio Workshops and teach students how to use ACM’s more advanced audio gear.

Please RSVP to Jay Hubert at and let him know which workshop date you plan to attend.