ACM Pitch Day – Spring 2017

Apr 11, 2017 | Opportunities

ACM Pitch Day – Spring 2017

For Fall 2017 ACM 399/499 Projects
Friday, May 5, 10am-12pm
ACM MEDIA CENTER (new event location!!)

What is Pitch Day?

Pitch Day is the opportunity for ACM students who would like to produce and direct an independent group or individual project during the Fall 2017 semester to pitch their creative projects (short films) to ACM faculty. Students who qualify for 399/499s creative projects are those that have completed a 400-level production course or upper-level animation course and consider this 399/499 option as a “capstone” opportunity. This year, the Academy for Creative Media will be allotting production awards to the promising narrative films, animated shorts, documentaries and indigenous language films; awards amounts are at the discretion of the faculty.

What do I need to do?

Sign up at the ACM Media Center with Jay Hubert for a 15-minute time slot to pitch your film. All completed applications for Pitch Day must be turned in to the ACM Media Center by Monday, May 1st by 5pm in order to keep your slot.  You must be present for your pitch and key crew members are welcome to join you.

What do I need for the application?

Please submit electronic files (pdf format) as well as one set of printed copies—

  1. ACM 399/499 Application from the ACM website (
  2. Written draft proposals individualized for each key crew member who is planning to register for the class. (We recommend you check with your ACM advisor on refining your proposal before it’s turned in.)
  3. Completed Script (or Treatment Proposal for Documentaries)
  4. Budget Summary Page and Fundraising Plan (1 page total)
  5. Optional: A reel of previous work of no more than 5 min. (viewable via a password protected site, such as Vimeo)

What do I need to prepare for my pitch session?

Come prepared to give a pitch presentation that lasts no longer than 10 minutes and be prepared to answer questions from the faculty.

You may bring a PowerPoint presentation, but must use your own laptop and VGA adaptor. Ideally, each student who wants to register in the 399, should take part in the group project pitch. Sell us on why this project should be made. Please devote up to 3 minutes of the pitch to show reels from at least the Director and the DP of the project.

Student crews have until May 12th to secure a faculty supervisor for their projects. ACM faculty do not intend to accept any ACM 399 projects beyond this deadline for next semester, but if your project is not selected for funding students are still able to register for a 399/499 as long as a faculty supervisor is secured. Good Luck!