ACM @ HIFF 2016

Nov 18, 2016 | Announcements

ACM Mānoa Students Showcase Talent at HIFF 2016

ACM Mānoa students, along with visiting students from Shanghai University participating in the SMART Exchange, showcased their films at the Hawai’i International Film Festival this past week. The event was featured in a UH News article which can be viewed at the below link:

UH News Article


  • Shanghai Riches – Kelsey Duvauchelle, Li Junhua, Qin Ranyue
    Three short films by three directors that explore wealth and worth in Shanghai, China.
  • Mighty Ward – Kurt Noe
    A short animated action comedy, where professional hero, Marshall Matter, puts his powerless sidekick, Ward, through an unorthodox training exercise to try and awaken Ward’s true powers. After an encounter with a giant monster Ward receives his first call to action.
  • Flying On Bicycle – Gao Jianming
    Xia Yibing is a high school student born into a poor family. Yibing’s father buys him a bicycle to attend school. On his way, the bicycle is stolen. Yibing fights to regain ownership of the bike.
  • Rival In Love – Jeanine Higa
    An animated short about a prideful knight, Will, who wishes to gain the attention of the princess. As the two rival begin to show off their abilities to one up the other, it isn’t the princess who ends up being impressed.
  • Birds – Li Wenjia
    In Shanghai, a couple struggles to make ends meet. A wife sneaks into a co-workers home to throw a surprise birthday party for her husband. However, with celebrations underway, the coworker provided the biggest surprise by coming home early.
  • Family Storage – Benjamin Menor
    The story of a boy with a rather unconventional upbringing.
  • The Protagonist – Liu Huijia
    A short story exploring the complicated facets of friendship.
  • Dancing Together – Yang Xiao
    Nico runs an electric music radio station out of the comfort of his home. Having suffered from social phobia, he has not left his house in 5 years.
  • Aloha Vegas – Ai Okuno
    A bittersweet romantic dark comedy exploring the life of a middle age couple from Hawaiʻi. Diagnosed with cancer, Rock, an easy-going heavy smoker convinces his cautious wife Lucy to travel to Las Vegas. With less than a week to live, he is willing to do anything to get wild and have fun.