May 2016 Newsletter

May 15, 2016 | Newsletters




   To ACM Professor Lisette Flanary!                   To Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations to Lisette for the Board of Regents’ Medal of Excellence in Teaching, May 2016. She was also awarded the A & H Merit for Teaching in Fall 2015. Also, congratulations Seniors! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

The ACM Awards Event

Celebration occurred on May 7, 2016 with distinguished guests such as Brenda Ching, Director of SAG/AFTRA accepting the ACM Friend Award, presented by A & H Dean Peter Arnade.  Some of the awards acknowledged include not only the student film awards, but also…


ACM Student Achievement Awards and Scholarships

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017  Student Achievement Awards have been faculty-nominated and awarded to Krystian-Elizabeth Brown, Andrew Guagliardo, Kayla Abalos, Mattielin Mann for exemplary scholastic achievement, and ACM Scholarships to Kurt Noe and Haley Murayama.


ACM 2016 Student Project Awards   

The results of the 399 pitches are in.  Student production awards have been given to both animation and cinematic productions for 2016–

For Fall 2016 Production— The Hawaii European Cinema/ Sunny Dupree Family Foundation Award to Krystian-Elizabeth Brown for the fall production of the short film, BOW TIE.  The Kosasa Production award to Bonnie Ross for the fall production of HELE AKU HELE MAI.

For Spring 2016 Production— These films were produced this spring, made possible in part by ACM production awards.  Hawaii European Cinema/ Sunny Dupree Family Foundation award went to Alana Bombino for the production of B MOVIE.  Hawaii European Cinema/ Sunny Dupree Family Foundation award to Ai Okuno for the production of ALOHA VEGAS.  Future Filmmaker award, funded by CinemaItaliano to Kelsey Duvauchelle for the production of A FANTASTIC WRECK.  Future Filmmaker award to Taryn Alisna and for the production of ZEN GARDEN, and Robert Sassone for a student production award for the animated ISLAND ROSE.

The ACM Screenwriting awards acknowledge excellence in a short script and provide production grant for an upcoming semester.

The Spring 2016 Screenwriting Awards

The Hawaii European Cinema/ Sunny Dupree Family Foundation Screenwriting Award was awarded to “Hine” written by Maiya Thompson.  The Abernethy Screenwriting Award was awarded to “The Hawaiian Football Player” written by Jade Carion.  The Abernethy Screenwriting Award to “The Run” written by Kelsie Greene. The Takeyama Screenwriting Award, funded by the Roy and Hilda Takeyama Student Support Fund, to “Bowtie” written by Krystian Elizabeth Brown.

The Fall 2015 Screenwriting Awards

The Abernethy Screenwriting Awards to “B Movie” written by Alana Bombino and to “A Fantastic Wreck” written by Kelsey Duvauchelle.

SMART Exchange Awards

This year, along with support from the Hawaii International Film Festival, for student support and the SMART Exchange program, ACM System will be providing travel support for the representatives of the films selected for the summer SMART Exchange in Shanghai.  The films, and their representatives, selected are: A FANTASTIC WRECK directed by Kelsey Duvauchelle, DEMONS directed by Ishay Craig, TIES directed by Anela Ling, MANAPUA produced by Taryn Alisna, THE CHILD WHO WAITS FOR THE KITE with Cinematography by Shaun Oliquiano and Sound by Kiahna Norman, and THIS IS KASSIAN directed by Elliana Moore.

Student & Faculty Accolades

ACM Student and Alumni accolades

–Sundance Institute Native Short Script Lab:  Five out of the six participants, selected on the basis of their script, include ACM Mānoa students and alumni Scott W. Kekama Amona & Bonnie (Nani) Ross, Kari Noe, Kaliko MaÊ»iÊ»i, and Bryson Chun.

–The Undergraduate Showcase of Research and Creative Work, which highlights the independent academic work of UH Mānoa undergraduate students from any academic discipline on campus: Arts and Humanities – Creative First Place: Robert L.G.L. Sassone for “Doughnut: The Creation of the Animated Short, and Observations on Independent Hand-Drawn Animated Filmmaking Majoring in Academy for Creative Media, Showcase,” participation for Honors, Mentor: Lisette Flanary.  Also, Engineering and Computer Sciences First Place: Tina Li (ACM student worker), “Finite Element Study of Self-Deflections in Large Mirrors Subject to Kinematic Mounts,” Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Showcase participation for UROP, Mentor: Dr. A. Zachary Trimble.

Faculty Film and Publication accolades

SALESI, directed by Vilsoni Hereniko and Garin Nugroho, with cinematography by Anne Misawa, editing by George Wang, post-production by Gerard Elmore, network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (“NETPAC”) and ACM faculty produced in collaboration with UH Mānoa Theater & Dance and Music departments for NETPAC’s 25th conference, 25 minutes, Hawaii International Film Festival, 2015.
THE MAGNIFICIENT MR. CHIM, directed and animated by Dan Boulos, 25 min. 2015.
TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES OF INTIMACY, live-action short, directed by Joel Moffett, 40+ film festivals including Best Short Award at CINHOMO Intl. LGBT Film Festival, Silver Remi Award at World Fest Houston 2015.
MARGARITA WITH A STRAW, dramatic feature film, Director of Photography Anne Misawa, Theatrical release in India, Korea, Japan, Singapore, (upcoming in US), and 130+ film festivals and 25+ awards including Toronto Intl. Film Festival NETPAC Award, Busan Intl. Film Festival, Sundance Institute’s Mahindra Global Filmmaker Award, 2014-2015.
CLARENCE, by Laura Margulies: Oil Paint animated sequence for Cartoon Network’s show to air in Summer 2016.
–“Abstraction and Stylized Design in 3D Animated Films: an Extrapolation of 2D Animation Design”, written and presented by Dan Boulos, 2nd Intl. Conference Computer Graphics and Animation, 2015.
–“(Not Only) for Children and Cavemen: The Films of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet,” written by Claudia Pummer, is in the edited volume on the two filmmakers, published by the Austrian Film Museum and Synema-Society for Film and Media, 2016.

New ACM Summer Course

ACM 386 Techniques In Creative Media: Stop Motion Animation, taught by Dan Boulos.  This one-of-a-kind UH course is open to non-majors and you need no previous knowledge about animation!  You will spend six Saturdays 8:30 am – 3:30pm learning stop motion animation techniques and working on individual projects and a group stop motion animated film!

ACM Internships

Check out the ACM website for internship opportunities continuing in the fall, including Hawaii Media Inc., PBS Hawaii, Kinetic Productions, TalkStory Productions and more: here.

Call for Submissions

Submit your short film to—

Hawaii International Film Festival, ACM special extended deadline is July 15, 2016.  Look out for an update on the ACM website on how to submit your film.

Ohina Short Film Showcase, deadline July 25, 2016